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Canvas Awning Specialists

Do you wish to add lovely, functional awnings to your home or business premises? In order to experience our top class design and installation service, contact our specialists at National Awning, Globe Awning and Deluxe Awning.

We are located at 23 W Jamaica Avenue in Valley Stream, NY, and service Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan as well as Nassau county and surrounding areas.

Protection from Inclement Weather

Do you have a lovely patio that is currently exposed to all types of weather conditions? However sturdy your outdoor furniture might be, it will not 
last for a long time if left exposed to the action of inclement weather. Protect your possessions, and enjoy your patio while shielded from adverse weather by choosing to have your patio fitted with anawning.

With protective awnings, you can even leave your windows open when it rains! Contact us today for more information about our services.

Canvas awning Brooklyn

Increase the Life Span of Your Furniture


Large Variety of Awnings

National Awning, Globe Awning and Deluxe Awning has a large variety of classic canvas awnings meant to protect your patios and outdoor areas. Our fabrics are long-lasting and of very high quality. Indeed, since they are manufactured in-house, they go through rigorous quality control, ensuring that you get the very best product. We can make custom awnings, and our prices are highly competitive. Our awning products are refined, with professional design and installation. Take advantage of our first-class craftsmanship. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Professionally Designed and Installed


Advantages You Get By Choosing Our Company:

  • Great Customer Service
  • Professional design
  • First-Class Workmanship
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Long-lasting Material
  • Competitive Prices

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Benefit from awnings which have been meticulous finished.