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Make Your Business Known With Commercial Awnings

Choosing  a commercial awning for your business serves a variety of functions. As with residential awnings, having an awning for your business location enhances the appearance of the location and serves to reduce heat and glare from sunlight, thereby saving on utilities. Additionally, commercial awnings are a great way to draw attention to your business, especially if you print your business name, phone number and other relevant information on your awning.  Awnings are also useful for providing shelter in your doorway to protect your valued customers and merchandise from the elements.  Lastly, awnings protect your business from wind and rain and shield items in your store windows from potential damage and fading due to impact of direct sunlight.

Along with awnings, we also offer barricades, which, in addition to allowing a business to designate a specific area for seating or other purposes, can also promote the business through signage printed on the panels of the barricade.

We offer both American-Style awnings and European-Style awnings.  

American-Style awnings are differentiated by arms that come vertically down the side with scissor arms.  Structurally, American-Style awnings are superior due their high wind resistance and general ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. They are the suburbans of the awning business.


European-style awnings are more stylish in appearance, but are not overall as durable as the American-style awnings.  There are 40 different European-style awning systems on the market, offered in a wide range of price and quality.  We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of awnings we produce.

Canopies -- Awnings that overhang a doorway and are flexible in their ability to extend anywhere from one foot to 50 feet.  

Waterfall Awnings -- Awnings used for advertisement, which also offer some protection from the elements when placed over doorways or porches.

Vestibules -- Protect doorways from wind and cold and shield customers as they enter, thereby making your business a more desirable and inviting location.  Vestibules also saves on utilities and are more economical solution compared to building a permanent addition.

Shed-Style Awnings -- Straight style awning that can be used to cover windows, doorways and storefronts.

Aluminum Awnings -- metal awnings mostly used over windows and doors--known for their long-lasting durability.