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Add Beauty To Your Home With Residential Awning

Choosing an awning for your home  enhances your home's appearance while also serving the utilitarian benefit of cooling your residence in the summer and providing shelter from the sun and rain while reducing utility costs.  Additionally, awnings increase the value and desirability of your home, while protecting windows, doors and walkways from potential damage and providing much-needed shelter.  Awnings can also be designed with the specific purpose of preventing basements from potential flooding by sheltering the basement and redirecting rainfall.

In addition to sales of residential awnings, we also perform maintenance, repairs and rehangs for awnings that have been sold by the National, Globe and Deluxe awning companies over the years.  You can count on us to go the extra yard to ensure we are not only able to maintain your awnings, but are also careful to maintain the relationships that have been established over the many decades of existence during which all three of the awning companies we own have been in operation.  

All manufacturing and design of our awnings down to the details of allocation and stitching of materials is performed in-house, allowing for quality control and the ultimate in custom-quality manufacturing offered with highly-competitive pricing.  

We offer both American-Style awnings and European-Style awnings.  

  • American-Style awnings are differentiated by arms that run vertically down the sides of the awing with scissor arms. Structurally, American-Style awnings are superior due their high wind resistance and general ability to withstand adverse weather conditions.  They are the Chevy Suburbans of the awning business in terms of their durability.
  • European-style awnings are more stylish in appearance, but are not as durable overall as American-style awnings.  There are 40 different European systems on the market, in a wide range of price and quality.  We do compromise when it comes to the quality of awnings we produce.
  • Aluminum Awnings -- Metal awnings, mostly used over windows and doors
  • Lexan Awnings -- Extremely durable translucent awnings made from bullet-proof material--mostly used to cover doors and patios.
  • Waterfall Awnings -- Awnings used for advertisement, which offer some protection from the elements over doorways or porches.
  • Shed-Style Awnings -- Straight-style awning that can be used to cover windows, doorways and storefronts.
  • Carports -- Carports are actually a type of free-standing awning and are used to cover a driveway or are attached to a garage to provide additional storage.